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EMI Solutions for the Military and Aerospace Industries

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Electromagnetic Solutions for Military & Aerospace

APITech solves EMI issues for EMC compliance, energy efficiency, and power management

Understanding how and where potential EMI and other problems exist in an electronic system can be an intimidating challenge. APITech’s design process begins with an extensive library of standard components, which are frequently used to develop into custom assemblies, offering a more complete, high-performance solution.

One of the most considerable advantages of APITech is our in-house test lab helping to evaluate, design, and produce products for the effective suppression of EMI. We rigorously test our designs to meet the stringent MIL standards and other global EMC regulations.

Flight Control Systems

Military Fighter Jet System Controls

  • Product: composite shell filtered circular connector
  • What it does: ensure systems do not get interrupted by EMI
  • Why APITech? composite shell capability

Helicopter Flight Controls

  • Product: D-sub connector with D0-160 level III transient protection
  • What it does: protects the engine control systems from lightning strikes and interference
  • Why APITech? unique designs created with customers

Airborne Multi-purpose Systems

  • Product: custom military EMI power filter
  • What it does: as military aircraft systems become more electrified, EMI susceptibility increases, and filtering is needed to protect the power systems, radar, airborne command and control
  • Why APITech? decades of experience working with major defense contractors solving the most challenging EMI problems

Additional Flight Control System Capabilities: ground collision avoidance system, ground control stations, commercial engine solutions, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems

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Weapon Systems & Munitions

Missile Ignition Systems

  • Product: hermetically-sealed and resin-sealed EMI filter
  • What it does: protect susceptible electro-explosive devices contained in ordnance systems from actuating prematurely.
  • Why APITech? EMC and design enhancement capability, delivery performance

Missile Weapon Systems

  • Product: custom military EMI power filter
  • What it does: protect the systems by filtering EMI to ensuring missiles will not misfire or disable unintentionally
  • Why APITech? Lower-cost option by incorporating APITech’s EMI filters, and value-add options, including connectors, cabling, modified terminations, lights for power inductor, switches and breakers for power control

Military Ordnance for Tactical Missiles

  • Product: rugged EMI filter plate
  • What it does: protect guidance system from EMI
  • Why APITech? specialized design capability with potted with selective plating on housing

Additional Weapon Systems and Munitions Capabilities: smart sub-munitions, mobile artillery, guided munitions, guidance and sensor systems, military ground vehicles, munitions

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Radars & Sensors

Aircraft Fuel Sensors

Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) Radar

  • Product: custom military SMPS Ceramic Capacitor
  • What it does: level out voltage fluctuations in the AC to DC converter and protect from the pulse of the radar signal
  • Why APITech? QPL to MIL-PRF-49470

Aircraft Collision Avoidance System

  • Product: rugged Hermetically-sealed EMI filter
  • What it does: wiring acts as an antenna; the filtering takes out the EMI noise that is picked up and filters it to ground to ensure the system functions properly
  • Why APITech? Custom options and known quality and delivery record

Additional Radars and Sensor Capabilities: C4ISR, electronic warfare, maritime systems, helicopter and unmanned systems, targeting systems

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