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About Filtered Circular Connectors

Filtered circular connectors incorporate ceramic capacitors to strip unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) or transient voltages from signal lines. This type of connector provides an effective filtering device reducing the amount of real estate required within a product enclosure. A filtered circular connector is most frequently used in Military and Aerospace applications, including communications, missile systems, military vehicles, and engine controls. Custom circular connectors are offered in EMI filtered or unfiltered styles, including military standards: MIL-DTL-55116, -83723, -24308, -26482, and -5015. In addition, connectors for transient survival that meet criteria for RTCA/DO-160, level 4 (1,500 voltage transient) are available.

About APITech

APITech has been a leader in providing application-specific EMI filtered connector solutions since its founding in 1968. Our brand offers the industry’s most extensive line of connectors designed for high-reliability or demanding environmental applications. At APITech, we know it is rare to find an off-the-shelf connector that completely satisfies environmental, mechanical, and electrical requirements. Our engineering team is ready to modify one of these existing designs or start with a "clean sheet" to ensure your connector satisfies all of these requirements. In addition, we can accommodate your quick-turn schedule for prototyping by adding either planar or tubular capacitor filtering to the rear of a standard connector.

APITech's circular connectors are fully vertically integrated and manufactured in the USA. Components, including ceramic capacitors and shells, are manufactured by the State College, PA facility, providing customers high-quality parts with the industry’s shortest lead times.

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Filtered Circular Connectors



Power Connectors: Power filter in a circular connector package with integrated common and differential mode EMI filtering.  

Transient Survival Connectors: Meet standards for RTCA/DO-160 Level 4 lightning requirements.





Black Nickel Zinc Connectors: RoHS-compliant, cost-effective, and sustainable plating alternative to Cadmium.  
  Composite Shell Connectors: Designed to replace traditional metal connector shells for substantial weight reduction. Composite Shell




Filtered Circular Connectors: Explore APITech’s premium line of filter circular connector offerings.  

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