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APITech has been a leader in providing application-specific EMI filtered connector solutions since its founding in 1968. Our D-sub connectors are designed for high reliability and demanding environmental applications such as commercial aviation and avionics, off-highway and agricultural vehicles, high-reliability power supplies, as well as all airborne, ship, or ground-based military applications.


APITech's D-sub Filtered connectors are available in shell sizes from 9 to 50. We can build parts with many termination types, such as PC mount, wire wrap, solder cup, and 90° PCB. In addition, we provide our customers with a wide range of filtering options to find the right balance between performance and economy.

APITech manufactures a wide range of capacitance and selectively loaded designs.  This includes a large capacitance pin-to-pin ratio range, providing power and signal filtering in a single package.

These connectors have insulated and ground line options including predictable line to line isolation for segregated line insertion loss performance.  APITech also has AC and lightning withstand designs for transient environments, while offering compliance testing for both EMC and environmental requirements.

Competitive Advantage

APITech offers the industry’s most complete line of filtered D-sub connectors. Our filtered EMI connector offerings are fully vertically integrated. Components, including capacitors, are manufactured by our State College, PA USA facility, providing our customers with high-quality parts, with the industry’s shortest lead times.

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5G: Capable of 70 dB from 1GHz to 6GHz for high-frequency testing. NEW Product!

Ferrite Filtered: Solid slab of ferrite material used as the filtering element.

ferrite filtered
High Density72


High Density: High performance and reliable filtering in a high-density format.  
  High Performance: Available in both feedthrough capacitive and PI configurations. high performance
FilteredCombo72 Filtered Combo: High insertion loss with 20 or 40 Amp power contacts.  
  Filtered Micro: For designs that require even smaller connector packages. filtered micro

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