Jose Orozco

Jose has been a Product Design Engineer at our Ann Arbor, MI, USA site since August of 2020. Before taking on this full time position, Jose was an Electrical Engineering Intern! At APITech, Jose researches and develops ideas and processes for new products, improves the performance and design of existing products, and oversees the production and packaging of final products.

One of Jose’s favorite projects was designing and repairing product supporting testing equipment for our High Power COAX product line. Circuit analysis and circuit board design are some of the fundamentals in electrical engineering Jose fell in love with as a student/engineer. He finds there are many challenges in designing high frequency components, but enjoys researching and developing abstract ideas and models that drive the production of actual prototypes that he can then test and analyze.

The best part of working at APITech for Jose is the people. He has found some of the most delightful and caring people here, along with the BEST cookies made by Lynn McLean.

When asked about why Jose chose APITech for his internship, he replied “I wanted to experience several engineering environments, in a professional setting, during my summer internships. One atmosphere I wanted to experience was a non automotive organization. I was also looking for some great engineers and technicians who did not mind my countless questions and taking the time to share their knowledge. For me, APITech checked these boxes .” He found that APITech’s engineers and technicians, specifically Joe O’Neil, Carl Rigge , Hassan Hage Mourad , and Jenni Ortbring, were selfless with their time and patience, which cultivated a great atmosphere for young engineers like himself.

The three Leadership Foundations that resonate most with Jose are Communication, Integrity, and Clock Speed. He believes clear communication builds trust, effective teams, and a strong organization, integrity is a rare quality he finds in the people he trusts the most, and clock speed is necessary to execute a number of operations.

Something Jose doesn’t think his coworkers know about him is that he is a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan and an even bigger math nerd! He loves spending time with his wife and their “three little engineers".