Dane Ramkalawan golf

Dane has been the Site Leader in Delmar, DE for 6 months! His responsibilities include ensuring that the Delmar locations meet their monthly revenue goals while delivering high-quality products on time, manage the cost of goods sold by monitoring and reducing overhead cost and scrap, and champion a culture of continuous improvement and respect within the organization.

One of Dane’s favorite projects during his career was at Sony, where he worked as an SMT Process Engineer. Dane set up the PCBA process for the Sony PlayStation gaming console, which he worked on in Japan for 3 months!

When Dane was younger, he represented his college in Cricket, and was invited to try out for the Trinidad National Team! His current hobbies include fishing and golfing.

The best part about working at APITech for Dane is the commitment that the companies Leadership has to grow the business. He finds APITech is making significant investments in equipment and engineering resources to accommodate this growth. Dane also is excited about the initiatives in Lean Manufacturing and SIOP!

When asked what Dane would tell a prospective employee about APITech, he responded “I would tell them that our company values their employees and are committed to ensuring that we can expand our careers within the company because we are so diverse. We have a culture of respect for all employees that are promoted from our top executives.”

Dane finds all 9 of the Leadership Principles INclusion, Clear Communication, Safety, Compliance, Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Clockspeed, and Customer Centricity to be equally valuable because they are all required to deliver products and keep the employees and customers engaged.