Cecilio Eduardo Hernandez

Cecilio is from our Juarez, Mexico site.

Cecilio is a person who has been in many places and had many different jobs. For the last almost four years he’s felt most at home here at APITech. Cecilio is a special manufacturing operator and some of his duties are electrical test, wire cutting and soldering, and making repairs in his area.

He likes to work on construction and mechanics outside of work.

Cecilio likes to constantly learn new things. He tries to excel at every activity he’s assigned to so that he can be helpful in his area as well as the others.

Cecelio quote

Cecilio was asked that if he could speak with someone who is thinking of applying for a job at APITech, what positive things would he have to say to them? “I would tell them that it’s a great place to work in, the working environment is wonderful here.”

The Leadership Foundations or Cultural Norms that resonates with Cecilio the most in INclusion. He is a people person and likes to make conversation with everyone. He likes to help his co workers whenever possible.

We thank Cecilio for giving us some insight into what he finds important about working at APITech, and learning more about him.