Lewis ChildsWe are spotlighting Lewis Childs, who is one of our Design Engineers at our Gloucester, UK facility.

The Gloucester facility is a ISO-9001 certified facility that manufactures SST brand Tempest solutions and electronic equipment for military and secure government organizations throughout NATO and Europe. Designs and manufacturing include TEMPEST (NATO SDIP-27), EMC-rated, rugged, encryption and communications security equipment for NATO bodies, ministries of defense, ministries of foreign affairs, defense prime contractors and other government agencies.

Lewis has been with APITech for 6 years. He came to the company as an apprentice 6 years ago and was integrated straight into the design team at SST. Lewis was able to work on smaller projects within the company at the earlier stages of his career. As time progressed he was involved with bigger, more challenging projects which helped him advance his knowledge, as well as his position within the company. He is now seen as a more senior member of the engineering team at Gloucester, and is getting to design some really cool things.

Lewis is a keen Mixed Martial Artist and has competed on a number of occasions. Due to recent circumstances in 2020 training and competing has been a challenge so he has had to look at other creative outlets. He has recently re-found his love for Mountain Biking during this period which he is thoroughly enjoying.

Lewis really enjoys the variety of work in his job and the people that he works with. Every day is different for him and the people he works with really make it a special place to be.

Lewis believes that when you’re respected, you strive to achieve the best you can.