Design and manufacture of custom, ruggedized, high-reliability magnetic components.

Supporting the energy industry and medical applications.

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Custom Built Transformers and Inductors

APITech specializes in the production of custom magnetic components, including magnetic transformers and inductors. We make parts requiring customization for applications, including energy management, telecommunication systems, automation and motor controls, instrumentation, and many others to fit your particular design. Our magnetic devices include a variety of transformers, inductors, chokes, and coils.

Product Overview

APITech produces the highest quality magnetics consistently manufactured to meet the industry’s most stringent requirements, including many MIL, ANSI, and ISO certifications. Our commitment to quality begins with a rigorous raw material selection and inspection process and continues through highly trained operators utilizing state-of-the-art equipment inspecting the finished component.

Magnetic Transformers

APITech offers a wide range of transformers that measure electrical current, both AC and DC and transform current from high to low measurable values. Magnetic transformers are available totally encapsulated, with or without wound primary turns, and loading resistor. Ideal for applications including energy management, telecommunication systems, automation and motor controls, instrumentation, and many others to fit any particular requirements.

Magnetic Inductors

Ruggedly manufactured inductors designed to filter out noise currents from various electrical and electronic power control circuits. APITech's custom-built inductors have many applications in commercial, industrial, medical, consumer, and military equipment, as well as wherever a high-quality noise rejection filter system is required. Every inductor produced by APITech is tailored and optimized for unique specifications.

APITech Competitive Advantage

APITech manufactures its magnetic components in the USA and Mexico. Product line capabilities include parts that require special features, non-RoHS builds, and parts requiring coordination with a customer’s manufacturing site. APITech has the technical expertise to offer custom products or to verify that a standard product will function within the required circuit design.

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Magnetic Components

  Current Transformers: Measures electrical current by transforming from high to low measurable values. Transformer-web
Laminate Power Laminate Power Transformers: Preferred for higher voltage uses with higher immunity to transient damage.  
  Toroidal Power Transformers: Convert power-level voltages from one level or phase configuration. Toroidal Power
Power-Inductor-web Power Inductors and Chokes: Stores energy as a magnetic field. Can delay and reshape alternating current.  
  Lightning Chokes and Inductors: Filter out noise currents from various electrical power control circuits. Lighting Choke
Air Coil HR Air Coil Inductors: Made with specialized tooling to meet dimensional and electrical requirements.  
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