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Of internal and external privileged access to critical voice and data systems. Reduce the threat of a security breach without compromising productivity.

The Zero Trust Approach to Privileged User Access


The Challenge

Sensitive and confidential data are of huge value to cyber criminals and the gateway to these prized assets is your privileged users’ credentials. But external threat actors are not the only cause for concern. Internal threats, either malicious or accidental, are also a very real risk.
Recent surveys show 64% of organizations had an internal breach and 58% of companies had a vendor related breach, so you need to minimize the threat to your network without compromising productivity. You need to be sure your vendors, including MSPs, aren’t enabling threat actors to access privileged user credentials that would give them an easy route in to your systems, and that internal privileged users aren’t accessing sensitive data unnecessarily (either maliciously or accidentally). If the worst happens, you need to know immediately.
You can’t simply remove privileged user access altogether. Your MSPs and IT department need access to IT systems for maintenance and troubleshooting, while departments such as HR, finance or your executive team need access to the sensitive or confidential information that’s essential for their role.

The Solution

Netgard Privileged Gateway is the answer to these challenges and more. Starting from a position of zero trust, Netgard Privileged Gateway allows access to be given only to verified users, whether external vendors or internal staff, so you can manage and monitor both internal and external access to your networks. Adopting a principle of least privilege allows users to access the parts of the network that are pertinent to their roles, but without allowing access to more areas than they need.

So how does Netgard Privileged Gateway work?

Netgard Privileged Gateway uses a federated connection to ensure the right people have access, while the auditing and monitoring functionality provides complete forensics of both internal and external activity. A negotiation between you and your privileged users defines:
  • Who has access
  • What can be accessed
  • Which end-points are shared
  • IP address and secure channel configuration
  • Security requirements (certificates, tunnel type, authentication etc)
  • Detection of security techniques
  • Access control, monitoring, and reporting.

Key Benefits for Enterprises

Netgard Privileged Gateway delivers complete security peace of mind, while enabling:

Netgard enterprises key benefits

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