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Both internal and external access to customers’ systems with just one tool, while at the same time building a trust relationship. 

The Zero Trust Approach to Privileged User Access

Every Remote Connection Matters

The Challenge

You need to deliver a robust set of services to maintain systems inside your customers’ network or cloud so need a solutions which offers the flexibility to manage a wide set of systems and leverage a range of management tools. At the same time your customers need to know their credentials are safe and that you’re not the weak link in their security chain.
Often this means your customers insist you use their access system, leaving you with the challenge of managing many different tools and passwords, potentially delaying, or worse limiting, services offered and resulting in reduced revenue. In addition, the cost to deliver services to support unique access channels for multiple customers is high.
In order to avoid disputes and litigation, you need an easy way to prove SLAs are achieved, and show where and when the customer network was accessed.
Netgard Privileged Gateway is a universal, vendor agnostic, remote access tool, which provides secure access to all your customers’ critical voice and data systems through just one portal. Its federated connection meets all technical and security needs while allowing both parties to remotely manage, monitor and control system access.

So how does Netgard Privileged Gateway work?

Netgard Privileged Gateway is purpose built for MSPs and uses a federated connection to ensure the right people have access. It enables a negotiation between you and your customer which defines:

• Who has access • Security requirements (certificates, tunnel type, authentication etc)
• What can be accessed • Detection of security techniques
• Which end-points are shared • Access control, monitoring, and reporting.
• IP address and secure channel configuration  

Key Benefits for MSPs

Netgard MSPs key benefits

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