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APITech’s printed filters are offered in a rugged, low-profile package for printed filters with a frequency range of 2 to 30 GHz in Lowpass, Bandpass, and Bandreject designs. These high-reliability, custom printed filters provide repeatable performance that’s optimized for customer requirements. APITech's printed filters offer improved SWaP-C for our customers, where product package-height and unit-to-unit, manufacturing repeatability are primary concerns.

SatelliteImageWith our printed filters, APITech’s low-profile components achieve improved package densities that translate into manufacturing cost efficiencies. The printed filters, which have an operating temperature range of -40c to +85c, can be sold as standalone filters or as part of APITech’s IMA building blocks, where printed filters are leveraged into APITech’s filter-based IMAs to achieve reductions in mechanical package volumes and package densities.


The products target electronic warfare, radar, UAV, guidance and navigation systems, satellite communications, and surveillance applications.

The APITech Advantage

shutterstock_309014789Versatility separates APITech from other filter companies. Our willingness to tackle challenging, custom designs makes us uniquely positioned to build to customers’ specifications. We offer a wide variety of topologies in custom filters for commercial, military and space applications. APITech engineers work closely with customers to ensure they get the right high-performance filters that are customized to their specific requirements. 


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