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APITech programmable attenuators enabling successful rollout of 5G and Wi-Fi 6E

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APITech Programmable RF Attenuators

About APITech Programmable Attenuators

5G and the newest Wi-Fi standards are spurring a revolution in connectivity for everyone, and for everything, everywhere, driving the industry’s greatest-ever growth opportunity. APITech's programmable attenuators will help you grow, grow, grow. Our programmable RF attenuators are used by tech giants, device companies, chipset makers, and wireless start-ups, and found in RF test labs around the world.

Use APITech Programmable Attenuators to support the development, verification, and testing of 5G and Wi-Fi networks, services, and devices.

  • Wi-Fi testing
  • 5G & Bluetooth testing
  • In-flight wireless testing
  • IoT testing
  • Wireless link simulation and testing
  • Military radio testing
  • Product validation and optimization
  • ZigBee environmental simulation

With APITech Programmable Attenuators, you can achieve faster, better and on budget launches of your 5G and Wi-Fi 6E products using our programmable RF attenuators.

Programmable Attenuator Products

Programmable phase shifters blue Consider how many devices each of us uses every day. Our laptop, smartphone, tablet, and for some of us, a smartwatch, earbuds, plus all the connected devices in our home: thermostat, lights, doorbells, webcams, even our televisions. Now multiply this by billions, all connected to the Internet.

APITech’s programmable attenuators make this possible by helping companies automate testing and simulate real-world conditions in the lab. This ensures your newest router, smart device, chipset, wireless service or application will all function as advertised, and rollout will take place on time, for less cost than through manual testing.

Lab testing before rollout is critical; our line of programmable RF attenuators and multi-channel programmable attenuator subsystems makes this as fast, complete, correct, and intuitive as possible.

Our line-up of programmable attenuators includes both our solid-state and electromechanical programmable attenuators and our line of multi-channel programmable attenuator subsystems. Each offers an extensive range of performance options and configurations to choose from, while maintaining standard programming commands and control interfaces – for ease of use.

Programmable attenuators for transmission loss simulation, signal fading, and handovers; available in a variety of step sizes and frequency bands. High attenuation ranges with low step resolutions.

Solid State Programmable attenuator


  • Weinschel brand solid state programmable attenuators
  • Operational frequencies available from 300 kHz to 40 GHz


  • Weinschel brand electromechanical programmable attenuators
  • Operational frequencies available from DC to 26.5 GHz
Programmable phase shifters black

Multichannel programmable attenuator systems to ensure successful roll-out of your wireless devices, services, and applications


  • For up to 4 attenuation channels, in half-rack form factor
  • For up to 16 attenuation channels, in full-rack form factor
  • 64+ channels systems available
  • Custom designs

APITech programmable attenuators can be found in the labs of smartphone makers, with companies that make routers, help build radar equipment, and that offer in-flight wireless services. Other use cases for our programmable RF attenuators include:

  • A 5G network carrier wanting to simulate real-life scenarios between base stations and 5G handsets. They also wanted to optimize speed and coverage through both software and hardware updates and make sure their service coverage was effective across multiple frequency bands.
  • A defense contractor seeking to ensure optimum signal leveling in testing their radar systems.
  • A popular maker of Wi-Fi routers needing to put their newest product through its paces. They selected our solid state programmable attenuators to simulate different coverage scenarios and to test their product across all Wi-Fi bands, including the new Wi-Fi 6E band.


APITech's Cable Management Panels provide clean, organized management of cable runs and connections using a standard 19”rack-mountable panel. Multiple connector adapters, power splitters, directional couplers and other essential RF components and test accessories can be integrated efficiently within the test system. Custom configurations are available upon request.

Control Center Software for our multi-channel programmable attenuator systems is included. One click install for Microsoft or Apple operating systems. Configure multiple attenuators. Conduct fading and handover tests. Control software also available for our programmable phase shifter systems.

About APITech

APITech and its Weinschel brand has decades of RF, Microwave and mmWave product development experience, combined with a legacy of superior quality, reliability, and technical performance. We never stop innovating.

Moreover, we never stop supporting our customers. Every home is different. Every office. Every street. How will your router perform with everyone online at the same time? What about your 5G network across different frequency bands and in different environments? In emergencies? With APITech’s programmable attenuators, you can test and simulate for these different scenarios, and countless more.

APITech’s programmable RF attenuators enable some of the world’s biggest and most innovative companies to test their solutions before rollout, saving them time and money – and helping them leap the competition.

However, we understand that every customer has unique requirements. That is why we focus on delivering the industry’s very best programmable RF attenuators for every customer. Our unique differentiators include:

  • A broad operating frequency range
  • High attenuation ranges with low step resolutions
  • Wide variety of control interfaces, and a graphical user interface

Datasheets with complete specs and features for all programmable attenuator and multi-channel programmable attenuator models are available. Our programmable attenuator products are designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States and our customer support team is co-located alongside our engineering team.

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