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Continuous power and communications in harsh, unforgiving environments.

APITech AC Switched Power Distribution Unit

The AC SMARTStart® portfolio offers intelligent switched and sequenced power distribution units (PDUs). This system is designed to remotely control AC loads and monitor vital parameters, such as line voltage, total load current, and line frequency via Telnet, SNMP, or a web interface. Options in the series include the standard AC SMARTStart for data centers, rugged AC SMARTStart for wide operating temperatures, and Three Phase PDU for high power needs.

The AC SMARTStart PDU offers tactical switched power distributions with a wide temperature operating range. The AC PDU features surge protection and the systems are hardened to meet extreme temperature requirements ranging from -40˚C to 60˚C as well as the mechanical shock and vibration attributes associated with defense applications.

The systems are built to meet MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 461 requirements. These units also monitor input line voltage, total load current, and line frequency. Each PDU has circuit protection and power-on current limits. Optional features include alarm sensors; security sensors; limit switches; and remote emergency power off (EPO).

AC SMARTStart PDU Series

  AC Switched Power Distribution Unit:
  • Monitors input line voltage, total load current, line frequency, and remote external temperature (with optional temperature sensor)
  • User ability to tailor the sequence and time delay
  • Daisy chain multiple units via RS232
  • Available in connectorized or pin and surface mount
  • Complies to FCC, CE, UL, and TÜV requirements


rugged ac smartstart


Rugged AC Switched Power Distribution Unit:
  • Provides 120 VAC or 220 VAC power to 8 or 16 AC loads while monitoring input line voltage and total load current
  • User is able to lockout receptacles that are not needed; prevent unauthorized loads from being added that may inadvertently exceed the permitted load of the PDU
  • The peak surge current rating is 10,000 Amps with an 8/20μS pulse. The maximum rated clamping voltage is 340 Volts with an 8/20μS pulse at 100 Amps
  Three Phase Power Distribution Unit:
  • Power Sequencing and outlet sequencing to minimize inrush currents avoiding nuisance system tripping
  • EMI filtering to protect against noise and interference from other electronic devices
  • Remote monitoring frequency, phase voltage, Phase sequence detecting, line current, temperature and more
  • Internal and External Temp. monitoring with Shut down conditions, warnings, and alarms




  • Mission Equipment Cases
  • C4ISR
  • Tactical Operations Centers
  • Modular Equipment Packages
  • Communications & Telemetry
  • Defense Mobile Command Vehicles
  • Unmanned Vehicles & Vessels
  • Mobile Command Posts
  • Towed Radar Platforms
  • Towed Generator Platforms
  • Oil & Gas Industry

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