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APITech is a top source for microwave components. We have built a reputation for designing and building customers’ most challenging RF & Microwave filter requirements because we have a wide variety of options. By offering multiple design options, APTech customers can select the right filter to optimize system performance.


Versatility is a hallmark that separates APITech from other filter companies. Our willingness to tackle challenging designs makes us uniquely positioned to build to customers’ specifications. We offer a wide variety of topologies in custom filters for commercial, military, and space applications.

Competitive Advantage

APITech’s wide range of RF & Microwave filter topologies is one of our core strengths. Our engineers work closely with customers to ensure they get right high-performance filters that are customized to their specific requirements.

Topologies and Product Types

  Lumped Element: provide various filter functions in relatively small packages. They are ideal for rugged environments such as airborne military applications and space. LumpElement4




Cavity: ideal for narrow band applications which require low insertion loss and/or high power handling.  
  Tubular/Coaxial: high rejection levels and broad stopbands. They are ideal for high power applications such as reducing harmonics of amplifiers. tubular5




Ceramic: insertion loss that is less than an equivalent lumped element filter with a package size that is smaller than an equivalent cavity filter.  
  Diplexers, Triplexers, Multiplexers: Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass filters can be combined to form our state-of-the-art Diplexers, Triplexers and Multiplexers. APITech utilizes Suspended Substrate, Lumped Element, Ceramic, Waveguide, and Cavity filters in our Multiplexer (MUX) designs. plexfilter2


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